Corporate Car Services Necessities or Luxuries

August 9, 2019

In the cutthroat world of business, every expenditure must be accounted for. With so many enterprises searching for ways to cut expenses and add to the bottom line, some important questions need to be asked, such as why should we have a car service for our clients? Isn’t that a luxury that we cannot afford?

In truth, it is a fair question. According to tax law, business transportation expenditures have to be integral to the business, in order to be tax deductible. In other words, they must be a common and necessary expense to your business.

A majority of businesses do not have their own transportation and must depend on taxis, rentals, or rideshare services, which are really just temporary solutions for their business needs. There is a more effective solution to this problem: a corporate transportation service. Many businesses rarely consider this option because it is thought to be too big or impractical for the size of their operations, but actually, a corporate transportation fleet can be an affordable and convenient choice for growing businesses. In our opinion, corporate transportation services are a valuable and even vital part of a thriving business. We have seen businesses grow and decline over this very issue. Below are some great reasons to employ a reliable car service for business travel.

Promotes a Professional Image
Whether you are a brand new start-up or a well-established company, having an attractive, high-quality service for corporate travel says that you treat your clients with value and that you have gone the extra mile to make them feel comfortable and relaxed. Clients will feel like they are working with a company of class. This valuable service you provide them will make it easier for them to do business with you over a competitor. The service not only makes your business look more professional, but it conveys to your clients that you regard them as having an executive status as well.
A professional auto service can help clients get to their destination without hassle. They can meet the client at an airport, help with luggage, show them the fastest and safest routes, and even wait patiently as they make multiple stops. From trade shows to power lunches, having a professional service for all the business travel needs of your client is one of your most potent power plays in getting and securing solid business relationships for years to come.

Provides an Attractive Environment
Relaxing–A professional service for car travel is great for providing a way to relax after a long flight. Clients can unwind or conduct meetings, make phone calls or handle emails, all in the quiet comfort of a spacious, luxury sedan.
Stress-free–Corporate travel does not have to mean scrambling to schedule a last-minute ride to a conference or running after a taxi. For that matter, trying to figure out where their hotel is and how to get there, is a completely unnecessary stressor. Your client will be grateful that you thought so much of them.

Convenience and Flexibility
Payment— Schedules can be very hectic when you are traveling. Clients dislike having to hassle with payments, fumbling with cash, getting out of Ubers or into taxis. When your client travels with a corporate travel service, the fare is automatically charged to an account.
Records–Electronic invoices from a corporate transportation service also make it easy to track expenses without paper receipts. Billing cycles are more flexible because they can allow you to pay on a convenient weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly time schedule.

Corporate transportation services are especially convenient for transporting clients to important business events and exhibitions like trade shows and fairs. Contracting with a transportation service makes the whole customer experience more personal. Your client is able to form more trusting relationships with your company which enables you to more effectively meet any needs they may have. Relationships built up over several years are easier to maintain and will profit your business over and over.

Corporate transportation service is a smart business decision that can make doing business easier and more productive for you, your staff, and your customers. We know there are several corporate transportation services in the area, but H&H stands above the rest. As a reputable local provider known for quality, affordability, and professionalism we would love to serve you. Contact us today and let us prove our reputation as a business committed to giving you the best in corporate transportation service.

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