December 5, 2018

Well, it’s that time of year again. Thanksgiving is over, Christmas is coming soon and the holiday season is in full swing. As we all know there will be holiday parties everywhere, too many to count. The holidays are for enjoying that special time with family and friends. For most of us, there will likely be plenty of get-togethers to keep us busy. There will be those at work, with friends, family and even neighborhood parties to attend. In our modern culture, the parties are a big part of what makes the holidays incredibly enjoyable for everyone. Holiday gatherings are where many great memories of the Christmas season are made.

Celebrating without Restrictions
It’s good to have a relaxed state of mind and feel ready for attending these celebrations. We all know that feeling of relief when going with a group and knowing we don’t have to worry about driving because we have a professional driver. It’s not only the idea of not going through the hassle of having our car clean and ready with a full tank of gas, but it also gives us the freedom to enjoy those parties to the fullest because we do not have to worry about avoiding alcoholic beverages. It frees us from the worry about drinking a few too many drinks and running the risk of getting pulled over, crashing our car or worse of all being injured or injuring someone else in an accident on our way home. The laws are strict these days and even though it may seem that someone is perfectly capable of driving, all too often the opposite turns out to be true.

Technological Advancements
There are some really advanced technological advances coming in the next decade for preventing DUI that has a great potential for saving lives. Many of these advancements are still several years from being implemented into our society. There are two technologies that really stand out. One is a high tech breathalyzer that is hidden but has sensors capable of collecting a sample reading from a short distance near the steering wheel or dashboard. When used the idea is that it can, therefore, prevent others and even the driver from observing the actual test. This takes away the embarrassment many feel when having to blow into an IID breathalyzer tube in order to start their vehicle each time.

Hidden Breathalyzers
Typically this technology, unlike the IID (ignition interlock device) devices also allows the driver to overlook being tested or forget about the technology that has been installed in their vehicle. This will prevent drivers from attempting to find ways of getting around the system itself and drive the vehicle even if they are intoxicated. If the hidden breathalyzer detects a reading over the limit it will not allow the car to start. It will also take random readings while the car is being driven and prevent the continued driving of the vehicle if any one of these readings is over the limit. Another positive aspect is that this is a solid technology for preventing someone who has a low enough alcohol content to drive when starting the car but continues to drink while traveling in the car.

High-Tech Ignition Keys
Another high-tech device being worked on is a special key for starting the vehicle that uses infrared technology to give an instant reading of the driver’s blood alcohol content. The physical contact made with the key or other designated surface of the vehicle makes the reading possible. Everyone has to hold and turn the key which provides the prime opportunity to use an infrared laser to instantly read the driver’s blood alcohol content as they try and start the vehicle. Turning the ignition key is already a common and complacent action everyone makes in order to start their vehicle. Therefore it provides a somewhat quiet and stealth method of stopping a drunk driver before they can even move the car one inch. It is the same with the hidden breathalyzer. One of the biggest selling points of this technology is that people who don’t drink or have not been drinking will never be bothered or disrupted by the technology. It is like the computer system in most cars today, they are there and required to be in operating condition for us to be able to start our vehicle, yet we never think a second thought about it when we climb in our vehicle to fire it up to drive away.

Facial Recognition Cameras
Additionally, some of these new systems combine a high-tech camera with facial recognition technology to add more security and safety for making sure the driver is the one who actually starts the vehicle and begins driving. The ultimate goal of these devices is to prevent anyone over the limit from ever getting behind the wheel and driving at all. This will also prevent any sober passengers in the vehicle from trying to outsmart the technology by allowing the readings to be focused on them instead of the driver.

Increase in Tougher Laws
So as you can see the technology is really moving in the direction of making driving intoxicated nearly impossible. The laws are getting tough and every state is cracking down harder with new regulations to prevent DUI. Last year alone there were over 10,000 DUI related deaths which have resulted in a staggering amount of lawsuits and other legal problems in every state. Experts predict that someday these high-tech lifesaving devices will be mandatory in every vehicle manufactured just like seat belts are today. The best part is that the hidden method by which these methods operate makes that a real possibility because individuals who never drink will not even know the potentially restrictive technology is present.

Being Safe is Always Better
The best part of hiring a professional driver is that you, and especially when going with a group, everyone can enjoy the evening and have a good time. No more worrying about making sure one person is the designated driver and therefore can’t really relax and enjoy drinks like everyone else. No one has to worry about making sure one person remains sober and can drive everyone home. With a hired driver everyone can relax and have a great time the way holiday parties were meant to be. Having a professional driver for special occasions like holiday parties is a great way to spend the evening out. The cost of services like this is a very small sacrifice. If everyone in the group splits the cost it is typically less than paying your own way at lunch.

After all, it is the safe way to go and it’s the law. So why not get out there and enjoy those holiday gatherings in all their fullness. Sit back, relax and enjoy the trip.

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