February 6, 2019

Don’t disappoint family: Hire a limo for special occasions.

Have you ever noticed the appeal that makes you struggle to see the inside of a limousine? Perhaps you are enjoying a vacation in Las Vegas and the super stretch next to you is impressive; you just want to know who is in it and where they are headed. You crane your neck and squint your eyes but just cannot make out the passengers. Is it celebs? Is it a wedding? Is there some VIP event that you missed? (Wink) Perhaps your invitation was just lost in the mail… There are many events that can be elevated to phenomenal by implementing the service of a shiny, elegant limo. Some of the events that need a limo are obvious; including weddings and funerals. Let’s take a look at some of the under-appreciated events and discuss how a limo can take things to a new level of excitement.

Birthday Bash

Age is a relative term in the context of limo service, am I right? Humans of all age groups are fascinated with luxury; especially luxury vehicles. It doesn’t get much more luxurious than a limousine, my friend. I will explain how a limo can make things memorable although it is rather obvious, don’t you think? They are a loud statement in class and comfort, for starters. A limo grabs the attention of nearly everyone around you. Regardless if it is a sixteenth birthday or a sixtieth birthday the results are the same. The memory of that special night that you were cradled in the lap of luxury. Plus, there’s a bar. You’re welcome. Over twenty-one-er’s of course…

Girl’s night out

For those ladies out there that rarely get the free time to have a girls night, what better way to treat yourself and your friends than showing up in a super stretch? Some events that need a limo are just not often enough in the average gal’s life are they? You certainly will not have to convince your gal pals about how a limo can take things to a new level of excitement, would you? They would feel it in their stilettos! Pick up your friends in style; enjoy the freedom of club-hopping and be taken to your final destination when you are ready.

Wedding Anniversary

Have you racked your brain in efforts to wow your spouse? Think about how a limo can make things memorable for your life partner just by opening the front door. Imagine her-or his- face when that sexy black limousine is parked right out front waiting to be her chariot, a beautiful night out with the one she loves and safely delivered back at home. She would be amazed that you made such an effort to spoil her!


We all strive to be great parents and encourage our children to get an education. From the age of five years old, our children are taught to work hard. Why not reward them for their achievements and make this one of the events that need a limo? Graduation is a huge milestone for a young adult and for most students a very proud moment. Show them you are just as proud as they are by rewarding their accomplishment with a personal limo service to chauffeur them to their fantastic event. What better reason for a limo than a hard-earned diploma? Not only will they feel like a pampered prince or princess, but they will also make a brand new memory to add to the event. There is plenty of room for family or friends to accompany the guest of honor.

Birth of a child

Can you imagine your brand new baby’s first ride in an automobile being a limousine? What a grand gesture for a new mother than to be lovingly chauffeured with her new bundle of joy. In fact, my own daughters first ride was in a beautiful, elegant limo. The hospital where she was born offered this service to new moms, wheeling them carefully out to their awaiting limo. It was fantastic for me, very memorable. My baby, however, did not care what she was riding in. Although, because of the smooth ride she slept like..well, like a baby.


We are all quite aware of what happens at concerts, are we not? Beer by the gallon, dancing around like cavemen with a seizure and eventually driving home. There is a great alternative, and hire a limo with a chauffeur to safely bring you and your fellow party animals to and from the concert. Then you can enjoy the event without worrying about one of you staying sober to drive, or the unthinkable alternative-driving under the influence. Elevate your concert experience by treating yourself to a limo party before the event even starts.

Other important limo-worthy events.

Let us not forget the other special occasions that benefit from limo service. For example, a Senior Prom is a celebrated event that youngsters look forward to each and every year. Whether you have a son or a daughter, getting them to the venue safely is a priority shared among parents. Not only can you instruct the chauffeur where to take your pre-adult child, but you can also give instructions on the return home. You can avoid after-parties, seedy motels, and other risky behavior by offering a limo; they will be thrilled with the offer, not realizing that you have other reasons for your super-treat.
Weddings are a traditional event that often implements limo service to the bride and groom, along with bachelor/bachelorette parties, and business trips. The beauty of limo service is the fact that they can offer a unique experience to add to any celebration or event. Thinking outside the box to make special occasions more memorable with limo service has no boundaries. If you have to be there, a limo can drive you.

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