1. Disney World
    Florida residents should consider taking family day trips to Disney World because it is typically not that far away, you can get an annual pass as a Florida resident for very little money, and you can do just about anything you want. Plan a day that allows you to hit all the parks for an hour or two, have dinner at Disney Springs, and drive home with the fireworks in the background as you leave the parking lot.
  2. The Space Coast
    This trip takes you to the other side of Florida where you can be very close to Cape Canaveral, the Kennedy Space Center, and Satellite Beach. There are many small restaurants in this area along with small beaches that you will enjoy. The people who live in these places tend to stay there throughout the year, and you might make some friends who live along the Space Coast.  If you go a little bit further south, you will see Patrick Air Force Base right on the water. This is a site to behold in and of itself, and it is a wonderful place to go to see the planes take off and land. This alone could be worth the trip.
  3. Panama City Beach
    This city is one of the best places to go when it is quiet during the cooler months of the year. There are many favored establishments and beaches that you will love. It is easy to drive there, and you could spend the day on the beach, have a nice dinner, and drive back home with no trouble.
  4. Daytona Beach
    Daytona is the home of the biggest race in all of NASCAR, and the race and tailgating alone would be a lot of fun for you. Also remember that you can go to the practices, the qualifying, and the Twin 125s that are hosted as part of qualifying. You could take a day trip from Tampa Bay to go to the beach in this community, or you could come up for another race that is held later in the year.   The track also hosts many smaller races from other circuits, and they have track days that allow you to drive on the track with a professional driver. Don’t forget you can get the group to the beach before or after you have gone to the track.
  5. Ocala
    Come to the Ocala area when you want the quiet of a small town and you can spend most of the day in the glass bottom boats that allow you to see amazing marine life in the lake. There are a lot of favorite restaurants and shops in the city and you can spend some time hiking before heading home at the end of the day.
  6. Gainesville
    Drive up for a football or basketball game and enjoy the atmosphere created because the University of Florida has taken over much of the town. Be sure to have a look at the events that are going on in the city because there are festivals, concerts, games, and shows that happen in Gainesville every week. This could be a good escape for you because you are driving inland instead of just going to the beach.
  7. Sarasota
    Sarasota is a quiet and posh little town that sits just down the coast. They have an amazing arts center where you could go to see musicals or shows like the Glenn Miller Band. You could go into town to have a nice bite to eat, or you could go to some of the local shops that you have noticed over the years. This is a place that sits on the water where you can go to the beach or into town and enjoy the sea breeze.
  8. Your Favorite Small Town
    You might have your own favorite small town that you like to visit on the weekends. There are many small towns in the state that are filled with orange groves where you can pick the oranges up off the ground and eat them. You could go to a massive orange farm where you could pay to pick the oranges, or you might go to a place that has your favorite restaurant. Keep the drive short so that you can spend as much time as you like in these locations.

The family day trips that you take across Florida will fill your weekends with sunshine and joy. These are trips that the whole group will enjoy because there is something for everyone and hiring H&H limo to provide the transportation will only make the day that much sweeter.